A.P.C x Brain Dead

This collaboration is perhaps not what you would expect from the French clothiers A.P.C who are usually known for their minimal looks. Working with creative collection Brain Dead who specialise in bold graphics that take cues from the spirit of subculture.

This collaboration, named Future Shock after the 1970s sci-fi documentary, blends the two brands together to create a selection of 70s sci-fi inspired garments that blend graphic heavy prints with quality and timeless silhouettes and materials.

The interaction #3 sees garments for both men and women in the latest collaboration. Brain Dead as a brand says they are a collective of artists and designers from all around the world. 

“Brain Dead is neither one person, nor an idea. It sits in the space between people.”

The collection was not only to highlight the unique brand of Brain Dead and its classic logo, but also to play with the creative and concept of a film entitled Future Shock. 

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