Portuguese Flannel, Heritage in a new world

Portuguese Flannel has a unique story and are making some bold statements in their latest AW19 collections. Using only master craftsman, all their shirts are crafted in old towns of Northern Portugal. Within this process, only exclusive fabrics that are produced in a traditional way and of the finest quality are selected. 

The brand has always been renowned for not following trends or the latest fashion instead it focuses on their core beliefs of creating garments with a story and of high quality. Portuguese Flannel takes inspiration from genuine people from the coast to the deepest mountains that all have brave, inspiring and challenging stories. This inspiration then is translated into all their garments creating a timeless, contemporary and meaningful design.

Another inspiration behind the brand is the family history and Portugal itself. Instead of just using this as their core identity, they have elevated it further by aiming to create knowledge of craftsmanship and Portugal.

The History


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