Green Factory: Coming Soon In-store at Stuarts London

Another new brand is coming to Stuarts London, Green Factory. Green Factory offer plants in a variety of innovative and creative forms all of which are set to be self sufficient. All the designs by Green Factory require little maintenance meaning that even if you aren’t green fingered by nature, you can still have beautiful plant designs across your home.

Although you can see the plants online, you are unable to purchase them online. Instead you will have to drop by our store for a closer look…

What makes this brand so unique is that each creation is crafted from hand and consists of miniature tree features surrounded by a world of glass. This then allows for a mini ecosystem that is capable of blossoming almost independently – that’s right, it only requires a few waterings per year. As all the features are done by hand, you can ensure you have a unique feature for your home.

The plant composition used also means that through photosynthesis, the water cycle and a closed transparent environment all ensures that this plant is the most self efficient plant you’ll ever own.

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