Oliver Peoples: Cary Grant Collection



Oliver Peoples is a luxury heritage brand that was born in the heart of West Hollywood. On the sunset boulevard 1987, the brand was founded by its opening of its first boutique. The brand encompasses the unique culture of L.A of fashion, film, art and music all of which are still the main inspirations of each product crafted. From the very start, the brand has always held its core values close to its heart. The brand is premium, luxury, authentic and exceptional craftsmanship. Uniquely, the brand does not reply on prominent logos but instead on creating a memorable relationship with like minded consumers. Fast forward today and the brand is highly sought after and a true classic staple for almost every occasion. From glasses to shades, the brand continues to evolve whilst never loosing its true DNA. 

The first ever designs by Oliver Peoples were inspired by an estate collection of vintage American eyewear that was purchases by the founders in the late 1980’s. The inspiration turned into the founders wanting to create a vintage sophisticated aesthetic yet classic and timeless in an array of natural tortoise shell hues with discreet branding and subtle details.

Oliver Peoples  

Each design by Oliver Peoples takes months to perfect requiring numerous drawings, plans, revisions, adjustments all done to a millimetre to ensure nothing less than perfect fit, balance and craftsmanship. When the design is ready, a unique prototyping phase is introduced. Finally, a dedicated studio of craftsmanship hand carve each design from raw materials to create the plans in real life. All done by hand, the process of creating Oliver Peoples glasses is truly unique.

Oliver Peoples

True to the brands original DNA we can expect luxury, vintage and timeless designs in the latest Cary Grant collection. Each frame is handcrafted with real attention to detail ensuring that the sculpting and materials used are nothing less than perfection. A new exciting collection is the Cary Grant Sun.

This collection was inspired by the iconic style worn by Grant in the classic North by North West film in which he stars. The inspiration is used to then create a distinctive style in the classic vintage aesthetic with added details from Grant’s personal style with in each design, a true unique and timeless collection. 



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