A.P.C. Coming Soon To Stuarts London

“I used to do everything, now I do nothing. In some technical fields, I’m the best, as a clothes engineer, at the source of creativity… I don’t think they could replace me.” – Touitou

We are excited to announce that A.P.C. will be joining the Stuarts London brand list for the next AW19 collection. After recently catching up with the team in Paris, we are looking forward to seeing the collection online soon.

A.P.C. was founded by Mr. Jean Touitou who was originally born in Tunisia. By 1960, the brands creator moved to France. Touitou is also renowned for his other creative projects as well as A.P.C. such as, opening a school in Paris.

The brand is based in the heart of Paris and even has a recording studio within it for staff as well as bands. This is all due to Touitou’s natural ability to apply creativity in all directions. Famously stating he dislikes fashion trends and clothes, the brand has since become famous for its anti trend vibe and its workwear inspirations.

APC Branding Image

The brand has developed its designs over the years, it first started with minimalist designs, clean lines and simple patterns. The clothing also incorporated military inspirations, pre-eminence of classic and unmixed fabrics (shetland wool for example) and raw japanese denim. By the 2000’s the brand evolved and went on to expand globally opening up A.P.C. stores from Japan to London. Although the brand seeks innovations, such as introducing new products to the collections like A.P.C. quilts, all the garments retain the same DNA that was born from the 90’s when the brand was first created which makes A.P.C. a classic, iconic and unique brand.

A sneakpeak of the A.P.C. show so you can get a flavour of what to expect… 


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