Naked & Famous: Made In Japan


The Naked & Famous brand have yet again released a series of limited edition products with pure craftsmanship, quality, style and care that is only evident in Japan. The new designs similar to previous designs, encompassing high quality materials and top class design.


This latest release includes a natural vegetable tanned leather patch featuring a comic book take on the classic Naked & Famous branding. The comic book artist that has refreshed the logo is Alvin Lee. Lee has always been known for his incredible comic book designs as well as video game creations. His talents are mirrored into this new limited edition product offering a Japanese Manga style whilst pairing it with the classic Naked & Famous denim. With only 300 of these pairs available world wide, we are honoured to have them online at Stuarts London.

When looking at the jeans, it is clear that not one detail was missed. Every inch of the denim is excellently crafted. The denim features 100% iron buttons, copper rivets as well as rivets hidden within the back pockets. With raised belt loops, union special chain stitched hems – these denim jeans have certainly not overlooked a single detail.

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