Brand Edit: EDWIN – Top 6 Summer Must Haves

EDWIN: A Brief History

First established in 1947 by Mr Tsunemi, the EDWIN brand has a rich history and an exciting story. Mr Tsunemi had a passion for demin, but as no denim was manufactured there at the time he decided to import directly from the U.S.A. By 1951, denim finally became available on the market within Japan and by 1961, Mr.Tsunemi crafted the first pair of the iconic EDWIN denim jeans.

The EDWIN brand not only became iconic for its quality, style and products but it also became known for its innovation. By the time the 80’s came around, EDWIN invented stone washing for denim, which still to this day remains a go to choice for style of jean. The innovation of the brand didn’t stop there, with EDWIN later going on to create the ‘new vintage’ denim concept by the 90s. This style used archived references of denim washes dating back to 1947, where it all started.

So where is the EDWIN brand today?

EDWIN continues to make strides within the fashion industry by blending their Japanese heritage, their unique quality craftsmanship and expertise within the industry to provide consumers with top quality items. The brand has continued to evolve over the years and is adapting to new styles, trends and contemporary flavours whilst always retaining their core brand values and visions.

EDWIN now offer Shirts, T-shirts, Accessories and of course their iconic jeans. With the blends of culture and heritage, these items are certainly ones to watch out for. We have put together our top six EDWIN products for the warmer days that are hopefully fast approaching…

Up first, we have got the EDWIN Resort Shirt – Ebony Birds of Paradise. Straight away you can see why we have added it to our must have items for the summer ahead with its bold colours, light material and overall Summer vibe. This shirt is perfect for those summer BBQ parties, festivals and even for those long awaited summer evenings.

EDWIN resort shirt

1. EDWIN Resort Shirt – Ebony Birds of Paradise

Next, the EDWIN X UGO BIENVENU (Playa T-shirt, White). Sometimes on those summer days all you need is a statement tee paired with some classic Summer shorts and shades. This T-shirt certainly gives that subtle impact for the Summer. The T-shirt features an experimental pop style print reminiscent of comic books in the 40s and 50s depicting a lady drinking a cocktail of some sort.

EDWIN Summer Tee

2. EDWIN X UGO BIENVENU (Playa T-shirt, White)

We couldn’t do an EDWIN feature without a few classic jeans! Like any British Summer, you can’t rely on everyday being a hot summer’s day, so you have to be prepared with a classic every day jean – a way to still have the summer vibes is to simply partner it up with a tee or perhaps go with a particular wash of denim like stone wash. These EDWIN – ED-80 Slim Tapered Jeans – CS Power Blue Denim – Rinsed will be a great addition to your wardrobe this season.  This is the perfect everyday jeans. The jean offers comfort and flexibility through its elastic fibres and encompasses quality, innovation and style.

Slim Tapered EDWIN Jeans

3. EDWIN – ED-80 Slim Tapered Jeans – CS Power Blue Denim – Rinsed

Thirdly, the blue resort shirt. The shirt just screams holiday shirt with its light colouring, light weight fabric and breathable materials. A must have item for your next holiday!

EDWIN resort shirt blue

4. EDWIN Blue Resort Shirt

Another classic Jean by EDWIN, the ED-71 Red Listed Selvage Denim Jeans – Unwashed. This unique take on classic denim gives your style more variety. Like any EDWIN jeans, these are a true classic. Perfect option to dress down with a tee or even go smart by partnering with a shirt.

EDWIN jeans

5. EDWIN ED-71 Red Listed Selvage Denim Jeans – Unwashed

EDWIN Resort T-Shirt – Vanilla is another great tee for their new collection. Its light colouring and resort vibes makes it great for the summer and holiday attire. The unique image depicts the branding along with palm trees and beach just to really get those summer vibes flowing.

EDWIN vanilla holiday tee

6. EDWIN Resort T-Shirt – Vanilla

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