Our Top Five Baxter of California Must Have Grooming Products!

With Summer just around the corner, it’s time to embrace your grooming regime. With more social occasions coming up, the time is now to start prepping your skin for the Summer sun. We’ve put together our top 5 grooming products from Baxter of California to help you kick start your fresh look.

Baxter of California has one simple aim through all their products, ‘to help you unleash what makes you, you’ Through their curated collection of grooming products, each one is designed to compliment your routine whilst adding some luxury and style. The assortment of different products means that all your grooming needs are answered by one brand, simple. The brand itself has been going since 1965, so it is no wonder they know so much about the industry and are continuing their success to this day. Each formula produced is also tested in the award winning Baxter Finley Barber & Shop in Los Angeles!

1. Oil Free Moisturiser

Baxter of California

This product is amazing to get you healthy looking skin for the Summer. This moisturiser not only nourishes and protects, it also has anti ageing qualities. The lightweight texture makes this perfect for the warmer days and the oil free qualities means it won’t leave your skin greasy.

2. Super Close Shave Formula

Baxter of California

This product is a must have for your shaving routine. This formula allows for an easy glide and hydrating finish. Tea tree oil within the ingredients, also helps soothe and refresh the skin.

3. Daily Face Wash Fragrance Free

Baxter of California

Wash away your day with the ultimate fragrance free daily face wash to help keep your skin healthy, refreshed and clean. This product is designed to remove excess oils and debris without stripping away vital moisture on your skin. Overall, this product will leave your skin looking smooth, refreshed and hydrated.

4. Super Badger Hair Silver tip Shave Brush

Baxter of California

The 100% Natural Badger brush is a must have feature for the top five products for grooming. This tool is essential to help you achieve that great shave feel we all crave. Adding some style yet practicality to your morning routine, this brush made with fine silver tip hair is a great addition.

5. Clay Mask

Baxter of California

This clay mask is a must have item for your routine. The deep cleansing, clarifying and revitalising qualities make this 10 minute exercise one worth doing. The mask has been specifically formulated to detoxify, remove dirt and impurities. Ingredients such as avocado oil also help soothe and refresh skin.
With so many grooming products available, it was difficult to narrow them down to five. You can view our full range of Baxter of California here.

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