Filson: The Travel Edit



As the Summer is fast approaching we can now finally begin to plan new adventures in the sun. The must have for whatever style trip is a good reliable bag along with a travel pack or those necessities. Filson is one of the go to brand for travel, providing travel accessories of quality, practicality and style.

The Filson brand was born out of the love for the outdoors and the thrill of seeking new adventures. C.C Filson father was a true advocate of adventure, outdoors and had an incredible pioneer spirit. This spirit had a huge impact on C.C Filson and made Filson what it is today. As early as 1897, C.C Filson opened ‘Filson’s Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers. This new venture was to offer specialist clothing to stampeders to the Klondike Gold rush. Filson became to sole brand choice for the stampeders as Filson was the only brand to offer clothing suitable for the freezing and treacherous conditions. These connotations of the brand still exist today with adventure being a core value of the brand. Eventually, when the gold rush soon became a faint memory of history, Filson turned to creating products to compliment manual industries such as the timber industry.

Due to the reputation of the clothing and C.C Filson himself, the brand Filson soon became a company in which consumers could trust, rely upon and could associate with honestly. Fast forward to the 60s, the reputation continued to grow but towards another sector, the outdoorsmen. Now the present day. Filson over 120 years later is still that reliable, honest and trusted brand for the everyday person as well as the adventurous souls. So that’s a bit about the brand itself, now for the travel accessories we are loving for the summer ahead. The Filson Ballistic Travel Pack really does tick all the boxes when it comes to the gruelling task of finding a travel pack to take away with you. It is made from tear-resistant Ballistic nylon which basically means, its fit for every adventure. In numerous colourways, it is a great addition to your next trip. The design itself of the pack is understated, simple and screams quality. With one exterior and two interior pockets, it is also great for practicality and organisation.

To match this travel pack, Filson have also introduced the Nylon Dryden Briefcase. This bag similar to the travel pack combines practicality, style and quality. Perfect for a weekend away, this bag has enough pockets for you to be as organised as you wish or if you aren’t the overly organised type, the design of the bag itself is stylish yet understated.

Whatever the next adventure you might be going on, whether it’s a weekend away by the sea or heading to a new city to explore the Filson bags are definitely one to look at.


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