MEPHISTO Rainbow Mamouth Shoes


Among the many shoes Mephisto have created the Rainbow Mamouth are a major statement piece due to its looks, comfort-ability, durability and the technological enhancements. Mephisto have been around for more than 50 years and are known for their great business achievements set by Martin Michaeli from 1965 to 2015 however, Mephisto isn’t just know for their great awards and international relations but more for their spearheading advancements in soft air technology to the mid-sole which help reduce the hard impact from walking. liked by so many worldwide Mephisto quickly became a popular brand due to sport and leisure becoming a strong trend in the 70s allowing Martin to create this originals smart casual sneaker that everyone is so fond of today.

We stock one iteration of the originals collection in the rainbow mamouth which both come in a grain leather upper one in a full black and the other in a upper black body structure with a tan brown gum sole and brown tan stitching on the side walls. These statement pieces boast a easy lace up system alongside a abrasion resistant tred on the out-sole and padding on the collars and tongue providing the wearer with maximum comparability and functionality.




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