Mallet Footwear is Back With The Latest Hiker Navy Suede

Mallet Footwear

Mallet footwear was first established in 2014 by Tommy Mallet along with second partner Evren. Mallet himself has always had a passion for urban fashion, sneakers and fashion. After searching for sneakers he envisioned, he felt that the current market was lacking and finally took pencil to paper. After Tommy and Evren collaborated on an initial design they decided to put some into production to then go live to test the market, feedback and feasibility. Almost instantly, they were blown away by the feedback from potential customers, the interest they were receiving and the overall reaction. This test only proved their passion could soon become a reality and that they could implement their designs to build the Mallet brand effectively. After only 24 months in the game, Mallet Footwear is now retailing online in high-end stores all across Europe and the United Kingdom.

Mallet Footwear

What makes the brand such an incredible story is that unlike most designers in the game, Tommy Mallet himself is self taught. Having never attended a fashion school, the creative director Tommy simply channels his passion for premium footwear and design into creating flawless designs. Most designs by Tommy follow simplistic colourways with minimalist designs and they continue to grow in popularity by the day. The idea that unboxing the shoe should be an experience in itself, the box itself is a classic, simplistic design that encompasses quality. The shoes then come with a branded shoe horn and bag. Although it might seem simple, this only continues to mirror the brand values and it really does offer a unique experience for Mallet Customers.

The new mallet SS19 certainly doesn’t disappoint with the slick, minimalist designs that scream high quality and style. All the designs for the season were conceptualised in their London Studio using premium materials to ensure they are maintaining their values of the Mallet brand.

“Premium footwear boasting an incomparable level of comfort.”

Mallet Footwear

The latest addition to the Mallet collection is the Hiker Navy Suede. The sneaker itself features a gold heel clip with a half white, half navy midsole really giving it a unique look. The shoe itself is constructed using only premium suede, hand crafted leather and a scuba material that is all set upon their signature Italian sole. Take a look at Mallet London here

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