Red Wing Wacouta Backpack and Boots Pack

Red Wing Wacouta Backpack and Boots

Introducing the Red Wing Wacouta boots and backpack pack, boasting high quality materials and styles. The Wacouta Backpack and boots are a great outdoor leisure wear inspired pack for all consumer as the materials used in the backpacks are very similar to the strong and durable 3335 boots which pull inspiration from Washa boot alongside sunny days and stary nights which gave birth to the boots relaxed, comfortable design. The Wacouta pack consists of two types of backpack and boots both containing different unique materials.

Starting off with the Tan backpack and 3335 boots in copper rough and tough leather used on the main construction of the boot but also seen on the main outfacing wall of the backpack with smaller leather detailing such as the heavy leather carry straps and fastening tabs. Also similar on the boots and backpack is the tan canvas used on the exterior and interior of the backpack alongside the side panels upon the 3335 boot providing both products with water resistance due to the Martexin original wax system known for its long lasting waterproofing across the red wing brand.

Red Wing 3335 Wacouta Boots


The other two products in the Wacouta pack are very similar to the Copper Rough and tough leather however, this Wacouta backpack and 3336 boot consist of a briar oli slick leather seen on the full construction of the boot alongside front facing wall of the backpack and other smaller detailing as both briar shoe and backpack are almost identical to the copper rough beside colour and material used. The backpack has olive waxed canvas on the exterior and interior alongside the side panels upon the 3336 boot which provides the same amount of waterproofing due to the Martexin wax system.

Similar finishing features on both products consist of solid brass hardware seen in the boots eyelets alongside both backpacks rear wall as rivets holding all the heavy leather components together, reinforced heavy stitching used to construct the backpack wear as the boots use a stitch down construction which provides them with a lightweight flexible and comfort feel.  Lastly the Wacouta boots are both built on Vibram Honey-wheat Mini-lug soles providing you with great traction and comfortably making them a great out door combination.


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