CP Company SS19 Look-Book


C.P Company formerly known as Chester Perry has come along way since their revolutionary design by Massimo Osti back in 1971, first established in 1975 by Massimo himself the brand gain a lot of traction due to Massimo research and scientific approach upon unique functional men’s clothing. Massimo known as the god father of sportswear had set a foundation in which CP Company has thrived in for the last 45 years innovating and collaborating creating some legendary articles that will always be remembered. .

known for their high quality and cutting edge Italian fabric CP  traditional used dyeing Technics in which they were the first to create back in the mid 1970s, CP Company has set a standards on what urban sportswear should feel like as most know CP Company for their easy-to-wear, non-conformist clothing demonstrated by some of their standout peaces such as the iconic goggle jackets with chromatic colouring.

CP Company kicks off SS19 with subtle urban city wear, keeping it simple and clean these fresh designs are really a highlight of CP Company capability’s as they always provide the authentic quality clothing for their customers.

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