SS19 Levis x Peanuts Capsule Now Online


Building upon  the success of last year’s Levis – Snoopy tie up comes 2019 Spring Summer Levis x Peanuts which introduces the beloved Beagles Peanut friends.

With no shortage of wit and humor this years line up will consist of all the favored characters, charlie brown, Lucy, Linus, Peppermint and Patty displayed on Levis jeans, tee, hoodies, truckers and accessories.  Both brands are known to be a significant part of the american culture so it not surprising that naturally two quality brands that have been present throughout the different generations would come together to create something so magical and appealing to such a large audience of children, grandparents and everyone in between,

Inspiring an emotional connection between fans over the years Charles Schulz – the genus behind the loved beagle which he created back in 1950 – and co.’s childhood imaginings, warms the hearts of million of young children and adults.

Creating a cartoon that would stay an icon to the mass generation that have been exposed to something so magical however, just like Levis snoopy is a quality cartoon that was never taken too seriously and was never forced to be something that it wasn’t as it was a show that was made with love and passion for the viewers just like Levis classics.

Its almost poetic that two iconic brands would come together after so many years of love and quality to again create a collaboration that boasts a humours classic high quality look that no other can match.

You can view the capsule online at Stuarts London by clicking here

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