C.P. Company’s Millie Miglia Goggle Jacket

A firm favourite of ours at Stuarts London and a mens fashion icon, C.P. Company are synonymous with detailed craftsmanship and functional yet stylish outerwear. Today we’re taking a look at the iconic Millie Miglia Goggle Jacket in its latest form. Read on to learn more.

C.P. Company are one of the biggest names in the menswear industry, partly due to their founder – Massimo Osti  – being revered for his focus on premium materials used in the construction of his garments. Cementing their place at the forefront of the menswear sphere is the infamous Goggle Jacket – Specifically the Millie Miglia Goggle jacket.

The inspiration for the Goggle Jacket arrived in late 1988, after C.P. sponsored a vintage car event known as the most beautiful race in the world – the prestigious Mille Miglia. Inspired by the impracticality of the drivers jackets, C.P’s founder Osti began to investigate ways to incorporate something into the hood to protect the drivers eyes whilst racing. Eventually he decided on sewing the labels now famous goggle lenses into the brim of the hood. Previously used by the military for protection against noxious gases, Osti turned the practicality of the design into a fashion icon. In his words “The Millie Miglia is the perfect outdoor sports jacket, designed to protect you on any adventure”.

This season’s iteration of the iconic jacket arrives in an off white, and features a multitude of poppers to secure your jacket in any conditions as well as the expected goggle hood. Complete with C.P. branding to both the shell and interior the jacket the perfect blend between functionality and fashion. C.P. Company has long been dedicated to the continued experimentation with different fabrics, stitches and technologies which have consistently been implemented into their most recent designs.

A fan of C.P. Company’s huge offering of quality garments? Hit the link below view the latest from the Italian outfitter.

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