A look At Hestra Gloves – The Swedish Label At It Since 1936

Since 1936, Swedish label Hestra’s gloves have been the go to for anyone looking to keep their hands warm. With a multitude of style to chose from, the label are at the top of their game. Join us today as we take an in depth look into the Swedish powerhouse that is Hestra.

The success of Hestra stems from the labels endeavours toward longevity and quality – evident in their wide range of products. The unique approach to the creation of their gloves are heavily considered, with every feature being suited to what the glove will be used for; from the type of stitch to the way the material is treated. Understanding the difference in types of gloves and what they’re used for sets them apart, with the label stating “someone climbing in the Alps needs are totally different from the needs of someone playing outside in the snow with their kids, and we design our gloves with this in mind.” The balance the label has found between durability, style and insulation is almost a science, with no one outweighing another.

Aside from the labels endeavours toward perfection, Hestra strives to create a mainstream yet sustainability product; their highly durable gloves can be used and abused for years to come without falling apart. Thus, cutting down on the consumption of natural resources and materials used. Further to this, the Swedish outdoors label encourages customers to replace the liners of their gloves, rather than the whole glove itself.

Arriving as the focal point of Hestra’s latest collection at Stuarts London, the Jake Hairsheep Gloves are a luxurious and durable option – promising to get you all the way through this winter, and many more to come. Dressed in a smart silhouette, the Jake is crafted from a supple hairsheep leather, highly glossed to aid in its water wicking abilities. Originating in the mountains of Ethiopia, the leather is sent to Naples, where it is tanned and dyed. With Italian wool lining the interior, the Jake is complete by exposed reverse stitching, Hestra branded leather buckles and buttons.

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