A look at Blundstone Boots

“They are more than just boots. They are Blundstones”. Australian label Blundstone have high things to say about their boots, and we agree. Join us at Stuarts London as we take a look at the iconic boot brand in more detail.

Hailing from Tasmania, the patriotic footwear company Blundstone have been all about their heritage since the very beginning back in 1870. With quality and comfort being at the heart of the label, Blundstone still have their manufacturing bases close to home; despite being one of the world’s most popular boot labels. The brands head office is located in Hobart, Tasmania’s capital and they have no plans to change this, stating they want to continue helping the local community and economy as much as possible.

With over a century of innovative design and production under their belt, Blundstone got to where they are today – by supplying a quality product at quality prices. The rugged and distinctly outdoorsy boots are built tougher than they need to be, a reflection of the place they’re from and the people they’re designed for. Whilst not strictly a hiking boot, they will definitely perform well on the trail due to their quality suede construction.  While the styles and designs of their footwear may have changed over the years, the quality never has;  they are still built to go anywhere and do anything, and look good whilst doing it. Constantly investing in research to improve the best technologies available, is built on a deep lying passion for premium footwear.

As the label says – “They are more than just boots. They are Blundstones”.

So, whether you’re navigating congested city streets, or traversing steep hillsides, you know you can rely on your pair of Blundstone boots to perform.

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