Portuguese Flannel – Tradition Meets Contemporary

Crafted in the old towns of northern Portugal, Portuguese Flannel is a family run business with a rich heritage spanning four decades of fabric manufacturing, today we take a look at the contemporary Portuguese label. Read on to learn more.

Portuguese Flannel is the embodiment of deeply rooted historical clothing done right. The patriotic label doesn’t follow trends, and doesn’t adhere to the usual strains of the menswear industry, instead forging their own path to success through traditional manufacturing methods and contemporary design. Inspired by genuine people from both the coast and mountains of Portugal, the label is run by brothers António and Manuel Magalhães who draw from the combined wisdom of their family business spanning four decades of fabric manufacturing.

The community driven label has firmly established itself as a best seller at Stuarts London, and for good reason. With their timeless designs applied to modern and affordable shirting in a way unique to the patriotic Portuguese label. The brand’s endeavour to keep it simple has allowed them to remain true their original mission and heritage. In the words of the founders themselves “We wanted to keep away from adhering to trends because the brand already represents who we are with its simplicity. Portuguese Flannel has its own particular personality and identity.”

By solely focusing their clothing on shirts, Portuguese Flannel can focus the brunt of their creative force into one cohesive collection, consistently creating timeless collections packed with transitional staples. The Portuguese Shirting label’s latest collection is the perfect example of a cohesive and authentic collection, being inspired by the Lusitan’s – A group of ancient Portuguese natives that lived a simple, hardy life in the mountains of Portugal. The collection reflects the colours and hues of the mountains and the people living in them, with a strong emphasis on textured fabrics and reflections on the interconnected lives of the people and animals native to the region.

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