Gabicci Autumn/Winter 2018 – Classic Italia

First introduced in the 70’s, Gabicci would go on to become one of the original brands associated with the 80’s casual scene.  The label’s iconic G emblem became synonymous with the 80’s two tone movement,with sharp tailoring matched with premium fabrics. Today we cover the latest from Gabicci AW18.

Gabicci Vintage’s AW18 Collection is one of true nostalgia, with a range of vintage pieces reimagined to work in the modern mans wardrobe. The collection boasts a varied and lively colour palette, including ochra, yellows, pastel blues and vibrant reds. As always, casual polo shirts are the focal point of the collection, both in the original Polo Shirt format and the knit Polo Gabicci is now so famous for. Classic knitwear features prominently, as to provide for the upcoming winter, and jumpers finish the selection. Whether you prefer vintage or modern 80’s casuals, Gabiccci AW18 will have something for you.

In other AW18 news, Swiss label Bally have just released their collection of luxury accessories.


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