Mallet – Luxury Footwear At An Affordable Price

With the price of a quality pair shoes constantly on the rise, many of us are forced into choosing less than ideal due to budget constraints; no longer. Mallet offers luxury footwear at an affordable price. Read on to learn more.

If you’re after a new pair of smart casual trainers, look no further than Mallet’s latest collection. Mallet trainers are the perfect blend of luxury and affordability, perfect for the style conscious Gent. Founded in 2016 by ex-TOWIE star Tommy Mallet, the British footwear label have managed to make a huge impact in fashion in a very short time; with their versatile designs catching the eyes of influences and luxury stores alike. Each pair of Mallet shoes seamlessly blend the classic and contemporary, with nods toward sportswear and contemporary wear. Alongside the way they look, the way they are constructed is paramount, with quality a key component of the brand. Each model is designed by a team of experts in London before being sent off to Europe to be constructed from premium Italian leather.

Mallet has a goal, to create a range of stylish yet affordable trainers – the rest is history.

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