None of the Above – Introducing

Introducing None Of The Above – The sustainable brand making a difference with their classical designs.

Founded by a collective of designers active in the menswear industry for more than 30 years, None Of The Above has a simple and transparent message. To create classic and timeless pieces against the flow popular culture. By focusing their efforts on quality – rather than hype.

The label travels the world in search of premium fabrics from mills that are ethically sourced, culminating in the production of garments good for you and the planet. The Passion driven brand prides itself on its vision and ethos – ‘We are not a brand, we are not a label that aspires to be number one, we are not a collection of clothing that should be in every man’s wardrobe, we have no ego, we have no fear’ – living up to this through the minimal branding upon it’s garments so not to detract from the superior quality of their product.

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