What Do Your Socks Say About You?

Although often not considered important, your choice of sock can make a massive difference to your overall look, making or breaking your get up. Join us today as we discover what your sock says about you.

Socks have always been something of an afterthought in a mans wardrobe, though in recent years men have begun to have a little bit of fun with them; often elevating an otherwise average ensemble with some loud and colourful pieces from industry changing labels such as Burlington Socks. The stigma does live on however, as socks are still rarely considered the focal point of an outfit, with most men just chucking on the first pair they grab from their sock drawer and getting on with their day. But it seems there is hope, as today we guide you through what your socks say about you.

The Sporty Guy

Nike full length sock - white

The fundamental active wear sock – Nike’s white logo sock is a classic that has been donned by athletes for decades. Rocking these with a pair of sneakers will elevate your look in a casual way, providing a nonchalant air of authority and style whilst simultaneously adding to any tonal outfit for an overall great look.


These sporty alternatives from Ellesse and Adidas are the perfect causal sock, providing a low cut look and stretchy, airy feel. Match with a pair of sneakers they tell everyone that sees that you’re an active, in shape guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously.

The One That Loves Life

Burlington Socks king sock - pink

Burlington socks selection of bright and colourful King Socks scream happiness, these loud socks are available in a variety of colours, each as exciting as the one before. If you’re looking to catch the eye of anyone walking by, these are the socks for you; able to elevate any get up whether for the office or the beach.


Burlington Manchester pendleton socks

Bright and bold alternatives include the Burlington Manchester sock in an alluring aqua and the Pendleton Woolen Mills National Park Sock in black.

The Classy Gent

Hugo boss stripe sock

For a classy yet understated gentleman, Hugo Boss’s Grey Striped socks are the perfect option. A pair of high quality yet understated socks let everyone know you care about fashion and your appearance yet keep it classy and dont want to be the centre of attention. Perfect for the office gentlemen.


Stripe and check socks

Alternatives from Hugo Boss and Merz B Schwanen come in the form of Patterned Black Socks and Dark Red Wool Socks respectively. Both these alternatives allow for an air of class whilst keeping in line with current style norms.

The Reliable Man

Danner Merino sock

Consistent, comfortable and friendly, Danner Boots Crew & Brown Merino Work Socks paint the picture of your everyday man looking for nothing more than comfort and sustainability. With merino Wool showing that you expect nothing but the best.


Reliable socks

Alternatives in the form of Hugo Boss’s RS Navy Sock and Red Wings Deep Toe Capped Wool Brown Sock, offering a subtle yet comfortable and clean look to reflect your personality.


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