Levi’s Vintage- A Closer Look

Levi’s Vintage Clothing has one simple goal. To replicate the past to the utmost authenticity.

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Levi’s Vintage (also lovably known as LVC) goal is to replicate the past instead of following the status quo of fashion labels in trying to predict what is next. The nostalgic offshoot of Levi’s main line was created to celebrate the many rich stories engrained in the 165 year old Levi’s brand history, because of this maintaining authenticity and integrity of each piece of clothing is paramount.Each of Levi’s vintage collections begin and focus on one concept from American history from the workers who constructed New York City’s skyscrapers in the 1930s to 1950s Memphis, the place birth of rock ‘n’ roll. Designers of the collection also view thousands of archive pieces spanning from the 1880’s to the 1980’s to ensure the fit and feel of the new garments are authentic. The only alterations that are made to the selected pieces are to create a full size spectrum. No further adjustments are made. In the words of the LVC themselves “Ideally, when someone picks up a pair of 1890 jeans, we want them to feel as if they’re picking up exactly the same product as someone 100 or so years ago”

Whilst Levi’s Vintage focuses more on past styles than the future of fashion, their genuine vintage inspired piece’s have earned them a reputation, with the mission of preserving history being something that Levi’s Vintage will continue to build on.

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