Native Union’s Innovative Eclipse Charger

Everyone at one point or another has wondered to themselves ‘Why have I just spent 5 minutes untangling cables?’ Native Union’s Eclipse makes this obsolete task a thing of the past.

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As long as it has been possible to own multiple electronic devices people have been irritated by the very real problem of having to untangle their charging cables, with people having adopted untangling cables as part of their evening ritual; which is why Native Union’s Eclipse charger is a breath of fresh air. The Eclipse 3 way USB charger  is essentially a hub for all of your charging cables, being able to store up to six metres of cable- a circular home to wind all of your daily use cables around.

As well as being a sleek and stylish cable hub, the Eclipse has three switchable USB ports, allowing you to charge your favorite devices, be that IOS devices or Android. In addition to that, this piece of modern art has a handy double tap feature, which when tapped will rise up to expose all of your stored USB cables whilst a thematic glow emits from the base for easy night time navigation. The Eclipse comes in a variety of colours and materials.

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