How To Keep Your Sneakers Clean

No more are the days when we would chuck our dirty sneakers into a pillowcase and straight into the wash, our society is constantly advancing, and so should our methods at keeping our kicks clean. Join us today at Stuarts as we talk you through 5 rules essential in looking after your precious new kicks.

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There is nothing worse than buying a fresh pair of sneakers and having them looking a year old within a week. Like the rest of us, you probably want to know how to keep your sneakers looking fresher for longer; and what to do when the inevitable happens- a misstep into a puddle, accidental scuffing or worse.

Stains are a thing of the past- Crep Protect

Crep hit the lab with one intention – keep liquids from ruining your shoes so you can maintain your style and maintain your fresh for as long as possible.Using nanotechnology Crep Protect Spray is able to keep up to 12 pairs of shoes protected from liquids for up to 4 weeks, and whether your shoes are suede, nubuck, or canvas, your kicks are protected by an invisible layer of total liquid protection.

Don’t Forget to brush!- Dasco Horsehair Brush

What it really comes down to is the coarseness of the bristle; if you have an Air Max with a premium mesh upper, that coarse brush will destroy the mesh. You need to use a soft bristled, yet firm brush such as Dasco’s Horsehair brush. The brush drags debris and dirt away without exposing the luxurious materials to the elements. This brush when used correctly will aid in keeping your sneakers fresh for years to come.

Soap for your sneakers- Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner

Jason Markk’s premium shoe cleaner is the best in the business at keeping stains at bay. The eponymous shoe accessory designer had this to say about the product “I designed my solution to be versatile, because I didn’t want to have so many different types—if I was cleaning suede I didn’t want to have to go buy another product”. The shoe cleaning solution is formulated to never jeopardize the integrity of nubuck nor suede, and is really easy to use.  Markk describes the process: “Start with a clean bowl of water, apply the solution onto the bristles of a wet brush, dip the brush in the water and start scrubbing until the cleaner start to foam up. Wipe it clean.”

Put your shoes on the right way- Dasco Silver Shoe Horn 

To correctly put shoes or sneakers on, you should start by loosening up the lacing a bit, then using a shoehorn to slide your foot in. This allows for the wearer to comfortably and effortless get his foot into the sneaker/shoe without damaging or warping the structural integrity of the heel. Often when people push their foot into a sneaker they slightly bend the heel of the sneaker, over time this builds up and ends up destroyed or worn down. using a quality and waited metal shoe horn allows for comfortable repeated and safe use.

Fountain of youth; rejuvenate your laces- Jason Markk White Laces

Fresh laces instantly lift the appearance of your sneakers. Take off your old laces and if they are not completely destroyed you can chuck them in the wash and they’ll come out good as new. Sometimes however, you will have to replace them with new white ones, and Jason Markk’s water and stain resistant laces allow you to rock fresh looking kicks without worry for the coming years.



Whether you need all of the products above or none of them, you must follow these basic sneaker care rules to keep your kicks looking as fresh as possible.

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Written by Adam Naciri

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