Morning Routine For Successful Men

We at Stuarts London believe your morning routine is integral in your success for the day, after all – you feel how you look. Although a solid night’s sleep is essential in looking your best for the coming day, it’s not always enough. To be in top form you need a routine after you jump out of bed, but don’t fear; just because you have a morning routine doesn’t mean you’ll be up before the sun is. Our routine below is fast, easy and practical, read on to find out more.f



Your face is the first thing someone pays attention to when they meet you, so you need your skin looking as healthy and clean as possible before you take on the day. Our recommend skin care regimen will wick away dirt a sweat leaving you as fresh as possible.


Gentlemen’s Tonic- Daily Foaming Cleanser 150mlGentlemens-tonic-cleanser

This chemical free facial foaming cleanser is perfect for all skin types, a gentle and mild foaming action leads to the lifting away of excess oils and impurities without damaging the skin. This naturally foaming unscented cleanser is perfect for everyday use due to its mild nature.


Gentlemen’s Tonic- Exfoliating Facial Scrub 100ml


This naturally derived exfoliant is perfect for aiding in the reduction of dead skin cells and debris thanks to the bamboo particles and Coco butter found within. As well as cleansing the skin , this natural bamboo exfoliant will help to alleviate irritation and condition the skin. Shea butter and babassu oil soothe the skin throughout application.



Good quality grooming equipment is often overlooked as an unnecessary addition to your bathroom kit, but being well groomed is essential in how you are perceived by people, as an unkempt or unruly beard is distracting and sometimes doesn’t look clean. Whether you prefer a full face of well groomed hair or a clean shaven look check out these products below for the best of both.


Baxter of California- Safety Razor Shave Set

A wet shaven face is the trademark of the modern man and the Baxter Of California shaving kit will help you achieve this. As well as looking the slickest, a wet shave provides for the cleanest and smoothest finish, so get your three-piece kit at the ready. Each piece of this luxurious kit is nickel-plated, topped with polished chrome and engraved in a classic barber shop pole motif. Comprising of a double-edged safety razor, badger hair brush and a chrome stand the possibilities are endless with this timeless grooming set.


Royall Lyme Bermuda Royal Treatment Lyme Shaving Cream 115ml

To go with your brand new shaving kit, you need a quality shaving cream; look no further than the Royall Lyme Shaving Cream. This artisanal cream leaves you as fresh faced and crisp as a strong Bermuda breeze. Apply sparingly to your brush in small circular motions for the most even coverage and best result. This luxury shaving cream comforts, moisturizes, soothes, and rejuvenates the skin. Its rich formulation, scented with natural essences of lime, offers the delight of a perfect shaving experience.


Arthur Razor- Beard Oil 30ml

If you prefer the lumberjack look instead of clean shaven, don’t fret as we have something for you too. Arthur Razor’s beard oil is the perfect formulation to protect and nourish your beard. This beard oil will help to hydrate your facial hair, making your skin feel less dry & itchy and leaving you looking well groomed.



Your luscious locks are an integral part of your personality and to neglect them is to neglect yourself. As well as defining your look, your hair defines your personality; similar to beards, unkempt or dirty hair destroys an otherwise pristine look. Below we highlight our favourite products in our haircare routine.


Baxter of California- Daily Fortifying Conditioner 236ml

This lightweight conditioner from Baxter of California moisturises and detangles hair leaving it looking revitalised and fresh. The Baxter of California “Strengthening System” contains wheat protein and vitamin E that leaves your hair with an envious sheen and smoothness. Coconut extract provides potentially lacking natural nutrients essential for scalp nourishment and hair hydration. This product also features a unique and invigorating mint sensation that not only tingles throughout your routine but leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean.


Baxter of California- Daily Protein Shampoo 300ml

This protein rich shampoo deep cleans and nourishes your hair and scalp, with its mild mint scenting, it is suitable for all hair type and skin types. Its soft nature means its perfect for even the most sensitive skin. The Coenzyme Q10 provides added nutrients as well as promoting hair strength, body, and manageability. Its gentle formula removes build-up, and natural toxins like DHT, a male hormone found to be harmful to the hair’s growth cycle.



Although common knowledge, washing your body is paramount in maintaining a good look and smell, use a quality body wash such as the one below from baxter to assure sweat and dirt become a thing of the past.


Baxter of California- Invigorating Body Wash Italian Lime & Pomegranate 238ml

A premium quality everyday body wash, Baxter of California’s Italian lime and pomegranate body wash is a must have for integration into your daily routine over the coming months. Boasting a plant-derived formula that removes impurities without stripping moisture, the Vitamin E and jojoba oil within the wash hydrates and conditions to leave skin feeling soft, clean and renewed. Paraben-free and sulfate-free, it lathers and rinses easily whilst the italian lime & pomegranate components result in a complex citrus fragrance blending lime, bergamot, pomegranate and cucumber notes over a sweet musk base.



Washing and maintaining your face with our facial routine is obsolete if you don’t hydrate your skin with a quality moisturiser afterwards. You must moisturise daily to see maximum results from any such facial cleansing product. We recommend an oil free moisturiser such as the one below to keep your skin looking matte and clean.


Baxter of California- Oil Free Moisturizer 123ml


This organic oil free moisturiser is perfect for sensitive dry and oily skin, with the plant-based hydration technology quickly absorbing to restore the skin’s moisture barrier, leaving skin feeling smooth and refreshed with a shine-free matte finish.



Spending all that time cleaning and nourishing your hair is only worth it if you style it right after the fact. As important as a clean head of hair is, styling is equally important. Check out two different ways to craft your look below.


Arthur Razor- Sea Salt Spray 60ml

 If you’re looking for the ‘lifeguard’ look, the fresh out of the ocean, naturally sun dried hair look, then search no further than Arthur Razor’s Sea Salt Spray. It contains a pro mineral complex of Dead Sea salts and 26 mineral so you can just get on with enjoying the beach, this defining spray will bring out the tousled textured look you can usually only get after swimming in the sea.


Arthur Razor- Deluxe Hair Pomade 100ml

Arthur Razor Gentlemen’s Grooming Deluxe pomade is a strong holding pomade that can be used to shape and style as required, so if you’re going for a more refined look this pomade is for you. The water soluble pomade is easy to wash out and provides a high gloss finish, use on damp or towel-dried hair.


Baxter of california- Pocket Comb 5.25″

This pocket comb from grooming experts Baxter of California is an essential for those who like to keep their hair maintained throughout the day. Helping you to shape, tame and untangle your hair this piece has been produced from high quality cellulose acetate sheets boasting a naturally modified polymer derived from cotton and tree pulp cellulose. Manufactured in Switzerland entirely by hand, add this quality comb to your daily grooming ritual or use as an on the go fix.



‘Nothing you wear is more important than your smile’ has never been more true. We as social creatures associate clean teeth with a clean person, and to not be clean is mainly viewed as a bad thing. Keep your pearly whites white with our selection of quality oral hygiene products.


Marvis Toothpaste- Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste 75ml

Marvis toothpaste with its distinct tingling sensation combines the exotic sweetness of Cinnamon with the refreshing taste of mint to give a surprising and long lasting taste sensation. This specialised formula helps to prevent tooth decay, fights tartar and plaque and keeps breath fresh all day long while whitening the tooth enamel to make your smile even brighter and more beautiful. Not only does Marvis clean and protect teeth and taste terrific but it even looks great in its luxuriously styled tube.


Marvis Toothpaste- Spazzolino Medium Toothbrush

To go with your new cinnamon toothpaste you need a quality toothbrush, as one is useless without the other. We at Stuarts recommend Marvis’s typically styled toothbrush, with its elegant, long black handle and matching medium softness black bristles, it has been seamlessly designed to effectively remove tartar and plaque. The perfect modern cool accompaniment to the exquisite Marvis toothpaste range. Supplied with an opaque plastic travel cover.



Are you someone who can’t bare to leave the house without their trusted bag of grooming products? Whether it’s kit for the shower, or to keep your hair looking fresh, treat yourself to a high quality and long lasting wash bag so you’re always preparedwith your brand new grooming kit.

Filson- Whiskey Ballistic Nylon Travel Pack

An essential to take with you upon your travels, this lightweight Filson ballistic nylon travel pack ticks all of the boxes for both style and comfort. Made from tear-resistant ballistic nylon and reinforced with Filson signature Rugged twill across the entirety of the base, this bag maximises storage with two interior pockets and one exterior. Concluded with a Bridle Leather zip closing and Filson branding to the front, this timeless wash bag will definitely help you transport your new grooming kit from A to B over the coming months.


Written by Adam Naciri

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