Introducing Colchester Rubber Company- Coming Soon To Stuarts London

“Our mission is simple: bring back some incredible sneakers, share the story behind it, provide a high quality shoe and give impeccable customer service while doin’ it.” Is Colchester Rubber Company’s mission, join us today in exploring more about this elusive shoe manufacturer.

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Colchester Rubber Co. is one of heritage and imagination, founded in 2004, the American company has a very interest founding story. Back in 2004 a pair of sneakers were found in the bottom of a wardrobe at an estate sale in Vista, California. After researching said sneaker the founders of Colchester Rubber Co. discovered a story that would give their new company its name- The Colchester Rubber Company. Originally a sneaker producer that shuttered in 1892, new life was given to the long dead company and brings to where we are today. Providing high quality, carefully curated vintage footwear that leaves no stone unturned in terms of detailing, These ‘vintage’ sneakers all come packed and wrapped in Victorian era newspaper and vintage packaging. Coming to Stuarts London in early June be sure to keep an eye out.

If you like the sound and look of the Colchester Rubber Company and their products be sure to keep an eye on our site for more product information closer to release date.

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