Fred Perry Country Shirt Collection 2018 Coming Soon

Coming to Stuarts London tomorrow is the Fred Perry Country Shirt collection, available in a selection of colours.

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Fred Perry World Cup Feature

Fred Perry’s Country Shirt collection is back for 2018’s summer competition and features the most prominent teams of this year’s competition. As always the collection features nationally branded polos reminiscent of their respective countries jerseys. The countries included in the collection are: England, Russia, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Korea, and Belgium.

Fred Perry has put immaculate detail into each polo with the smallest details included, such as the respective countries flag colours shown on the ends of the sleeves. As well as this the entirety of the kit is the same colour as its respective nations home colours and each polo features the Fred Perry logo in the countries badge colour as well as that nations name underneath said logo.

Germany Fred Perry

England Fred Perry World Cup


Available at Stuarts London from tomorrow morning, be sure to grab your teams colours in preparation for this year’s summer events.


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