Nudie Jeans Everblack- Denim That Doesn’t Fade

The jeans that don’t fade- Nudies Jeans range of everblack jeans have a long lasting dye formula that allows them to stay pitch black for a much longer time. Join us today as we explore Nudies Jeans magical denim at Stuarts London.

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“Denim that does not fade”. Thats Nudie Jeans marketing slogan for their everblack jeans; and it’s true. The pitch black denim has been dyed with specially formulated black dye designed to bond with the fibres more thoroughly, basically meaning your jeans won’t fade for a much longer period of time. Your black jeans will stay true black instead of turning to that washed out grey after a few washes. Nudie Jeans Says on the process of dying “In the Everblack, the method and type of dyestuff differs from the standard formula. It provides a stronger fixation resulting in great color fastness properties. It also minimizes excess dye and stabilizes the little that remains. This means your jeans will keep its pitch black tone for 40 (or more) home washings”. That’s right, your new pair of Nudie Jeans Everblack’s will stay pitch black for 40 plus washes.

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Regardless of lifestyle these reformulated jeans are not a throw away, consider it an investment. Constructed from premium materials and time tested dying techniques these jeans will last you years on end.

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