New House Rules – How To Wear Bright Coloured Trousers This Season


Eager eyes will have noticed bright trousers and shorts on our new arrivals page in a variety of colours from the likes of Gibson, NN07 and Norse Projects. But how do you wear them?

Whether you’re a fan of bold, bright prints or prefer to keep your style fairly muted, chances are you’ve found yourself worrying if you’re breaking one of the many men’s style rules. To help you get the trend right this summer take a look at some of the styling tips compiled by from Stuarts London HQ

Pick colours that complement each other

You want the trousers to be the stand out piece of your outfit and the jacket should accentuate them without being over powering, complimentary colours such as mustard layered with navy give a great colour pop without feeling like an eyesore.

Don’t be afraid to throw in a patterned shirt!

Use a darker jacket to tone down where needed, a patterned shirt needs to be selected carefully if you are going for the smart feel as not to look too casual.  Check out our range of Brutus shirts which are spot on if you want to pick out hints of colour, they all have short sleeves – great for warm days in the office.

Don’t over to it with clashing colours, this look show be simple with classic tones.

Keep the suit pieces within the blue and black range if you are unsure, this will allow for the trousers to not be overshadowed. If you are really stuck, stick to a classic white button-down shirt or t-shirt and layer with dark knits – remember that the colours should complement each other, not match!

Layer with knitwear on colder days.

With the weather in the UK up and down like a yo-yo don’t just use this look exclusively for summer. Layer with a cardigan, jumper or waistcoat to keep warm and still look stylish.

Pick a bold pair of shoes.

When choosing a pair of shoes to complement your outfit, make sure to go bold. This will draw the eye down and accentuate the trousers even more. Take a look at our range of Espadrilles from Armour Lux or Loafers from Bass Weejuns. The simple but strong designs will make a great staple for your wardrobe.

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