Yogi Footwear – Modern Classics

If you haven’t come across Yogi Footwear until now it’s time to take notice. Hand made in Portugal the brand offers a truly unique and timeless style. Inspired by traditional shoemaking Yogi offers an authentic product with a contemporary feel. By Using natural tanning agents Yogi shoes have a minimal and delicate finish, making them easy to wear across many outfits. A key highlight of Yogi Footwear’s that they created the ‘Negative Heel’, where the heel is made slightly lower than the rest of the shoe which secures alignment of the spine when walking, improving comfort and posture.

With a relaxed style Yogi Footwear sits alongside the likes of Clarks Originals and Astorflex and is sure to be one to pack in your suitcase come the summer holidays. Shop Yogi Footwear online now at Stuarts London.

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