Trending Menswear As We Head Into March

Bringing you the very latest on menswear and footwear marked for seasonal releases, discover what is trending as we head into March 2018. With the workwear movement and the trend for washed out colours gathering pace as we hit the turn of the month browse our selection of recent arrivals covering the likes of Belstaff, Grenson and S.N.S Herning below.

1.Wood Wood Track Jacket
2.Randolph Sunglasses 3.Baracuta G9 Suede Jacket
4.Edwin Chinos 5.Belstaff Steadway Shirt
6.AMI Wallets
7.Sandqvist Dag Briefcase
8.S.N.S Herning Sweatshirt 9.Grenson Inigo

1. Track Jacket  by Wood Wood£220.  2. Sunglasses by Randolph , £150.  3.  Jacket by Baracuta£574.95.  4. Chinos by Edwin, £90. 5. Shirt by Belstaff, £150.   6. Wallet by AMI,  £170.  7. Briefcase by Sandqvist £3298. Sweatshirt By S.N.S Herning, £140.  9. Shoes by Grenson, £230

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