Oiboy Clothing Classics Collection – Now Online


Joining us as part of our SS18 brand roster South London based label Oiboy is now available online and in-store. Picked up at London Fashion Week, the brand, founded by friends George Langham and Dylan Hartigan, came to light last summer and look’s set for continued prominence over the coming months.

Part of the bootleging phenomenon, Oiboy takes the corporations and brand names at the heart of British culture, changes a few letters or amends the logo and prints highly collectable t-shirts. Featuring Warhol-esk designs that draw from the founders experience growing up in South London – the bookmakers, budget lager and sportswear logos that are ubiquitous across the area. Both are a wry comment on British culture and, undeniably, a statement in it’s own right.

The Oiboy Classics Collection is now available at Stuarts London.  With the iconic “Brits Abroad” line set to arrive soon you can get your first view of the collection by viewing the SS18 lookbook below


Oiboy ss18 lookbook

Oiboy ss18 lookbook


Oiboy SS18 Collection


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