A Timeline Of The Iconic L.12.12 Polo Shirt



When René Lacoste invented the Iconic L.12.12 Polo-shirt in 1933 little did he know that his original idea of cutting the sleeves of a shirt would form an essential part of classic and contemporary wardrobes eighty five years later.

Famously quoting “Above all, elegance requires clothes that are adapted to the situation or circumstances,” the sporting icon, and winner of seven Tennis grand slam titles, kept to his word after his playing career finished, creating La Société Chemise Lacoste (Lacoste)  with his business partner André Gillier.  Together they began to produce the revolutionary tennis shirt Lacoste had designed and worn on the tennis courts with the infamous crocodile logo embroidered on the chest.  Named the L.12.12  Standing for – L. Lacoste – 1. The unique cotton Pique fabric used in construction – 2. For the short sleeved model – 12. For the version hand selected by René Lacoste – the manufacturing methods in producing the Lacoste Polo shirt have not changed even though the style has changed with fashions.

Still made in Troyes, the French knitwear capital, a location selected for its exceptional quality and unique construction process,  knitting fabrics upon a circular machine using a unique technique that gives the celebrated petit piqué its reputed singular durability and flexibility. With other key components highlighted including the hand sewn assembly as well as the 1200 stitches that go into the embroidered crocodile giving testament ot the authenticity of each polo shirt, season after season, the legend reasserts itself.

Regularly revisited  and recreated by artists and designers in inspired collaborations keeping the classic silhouette at the forefront of fashion. You can view a timeline of highlighted L.12.12 designs over the coarse of the past 85 years below.

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THE LACOSTE L.12.12 POLO SHIRT – 1933 – 2016





The Lacoste l.12.12 Polo Shirt - 1930's -1960'S



The Lacoste l.12.12 Polo Shirt - 1970'S



The Lacoste l.12.12 Polo Shirt - 00'S


The Lacoste l.12.12 Polo Shirt - Early 10'S

The Lacoste l.12.12 Polo Shirt - 10'S




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