What makes Danner Boots unique

Recently the Danner Boot team paid a visit to our West London store to talk all things Danner x Stuarts London. In light of this, our team decided to take a deep dive into the history and DNA that makes Danner so unique.

Portland-based since 1932, steeped in American heritage, Danner has gone from strength to strength, expanding its range from logging and work boots, to hiking, combat and more recently everyday lifestyle pieces.

So what makes a Danner Boot superior and able to last for 10+ years? Start by taking a single piece of the highest quality full grain leather that has undergone rigorous qualities inspections by Danner. Then assemble this using their robust stitch down process which wraps the leather upper around the outside of the innersole and stitch’s down to the outer-sole. The result gives the wearer a model that is extremely durable and is unlikely to distort it’s shape easily when worn for long periods of time. On top of this add a Vibram sole for extra comfort, Gore-Tex for weather resistance and you’re sure to be ready for whatever terrain you’re tackling.

Here at Stuarts London we’re proud to bring you the very best of Danners made in Portland DNA, stocking core styles such as the famous Mountain Light which originated in 1980’s and has since featured in the legendary James Bond feature film, Skyfall, worn by Daniel Craig.

Along with Danner style an authentic American heritage look at Stuarts with jeans from Levis Vintage and bags from Filson

Pictured above from left to right : Hattori Kiichiro- VP of new business development , Yoji Kaneda- Lifestyle product line manager, John Broe – UK Sales Director.
Hattori above is wearing a pair of Danner Boots ( Style: Mountain Light Black) that were just over 14 years old, which still had their shape and looked great.

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