The Levi’s Strauss & Co Sta-Prest is back

It’s time to re-live a Levi’s Strauss & Co classic, here at Stuarts London the renowned Levis Strauss & Co Sta-Prest trousers are making a strong return.

Originally introduced in 1964 at the Levi’s Strauss & Co plant in Knoxville, Tennessee, the jeans two winning features where it’s prominent centre crease and ability to be extremely wrinkle free. The Sta-Prest was a fast hit, adopted quickly by salesmen for the non-crease convenience and smart everyday look. By the end of the 60’s the style had become iconic and synonymous with subcultures such as American skaters and English Mods. In particular Mods favoured the Sta-Prest for its sharp look.

Here at Stuarts London we now see the Sta-Prest in a 502 fit, a regular tapered style which gives room in the thigh and tapers into a smart finish through the lower leg. To get the most life out of your pair we recommend washing as little as possible on a cold cycle or wash by hand and leave to line dry.

Take a closer look at the 502 Sta-Prest below or online at Stuarts London.

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