Maharishi – Confirmed for SS17

To round off our week we are delighted to announce that Maharishi has been confirmed as part of the SS17  brand roster at Stuarts London. Founded in 1994, the Maharishi  label has attracted much attention since its launch over two decades ago. Widely known for creating menswear that is not only on trend and to the point, but the label goes to great lengths to ensure that their garments are as Eco and as ethically friendly as possible. Designed to last and with utility in mind, the brand has always referred to nature within its collections.

Shown by always including the strong natural fibre hemp, as well as organic cottons, one of Maharishi’s most recognisable traits is its reputation for up-cycled military clothing. These can all be seen prominently within the SS17, “Tour d’Afrique” collection. Inspired by American and Chinese military presences in the continent, the natural references that the brand is known for can be seen  with the use of a natural earthy colour pallet, primitive graphic details and stylistic references to traditional African clothing.

Set to arrive imminently you can get your first view of the collection due to arrive below. For more updates about when the collection is here keep an eye upon our New Arrivals page or watch out for alerts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Maharishi Coming Soon Maharishi Coming Soon Maharishi Coming Soon

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