Palladium: Boots that are as hard-wearing as aviation tyres

Another busy week of new stock arriving at Stuarts London is rounded off with the highly anticipated arrival of French label Palladium. Renowned for manufacturing some of the most long lasting and durable boots within the industry the brand offers a long track record of producing staples to add to your footwear collection that is suited for a wide range of styles from streetwear to holidaywear.

Three years away from their centenary year, Palladium originally operated as a tyre manufacturer, catering for the aviation industry until the end of the second world war. Well known across europe for their superior production process which involved layering canvas underneath vulcanized rubber they quickly adapted when the demand for aviation tyres faltered and began to make footwear from their factory in Pont-de-Chéruy.

Quickly gaining a reputation for crafting types that were as hard wearing as their types Palladium Boots were quickly adopted by the French Foreign legion. As time were also adopted by explorers including the legendary geologist Haroun Tazieff due to their adaptability for use in extreme climates.

In the 90’s the label made its way into streetwear fashion becoming popular amongst the grunge and rave scenes of the decade. Staying dedicated to its roots the label remains patriotic to its roots Palladium has evolved to incorporate all of the aspects within its latest designs that make it what it is today. Keeping the militarized aesthetic of the Pampa Hi whilst updating the classic silhouette with modern production techniques the latest releases tie in well with its streetwear heritage by keeping a seasonal theme of the urban explorer.

Now in store, these unique boots will be available for you to get your hands upon online from the end of February on wards. A great addition to any wardrobe wear these shoes with a pair of denim as a year around staple or complete your seasonal look by making them the stand out feature of your style by wearing them with a pair of Casual Shorts. You can view the latest city explorers campaign video above.

Palladium footwear is now available  for you to purchase online at Stuarts London. Keep an eye upon our new arrivals page for further updates.


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