Celebrating 150 Years Of Grenson Shoes, The Grenson Archive Collection Has Arrived!

Grenson Archive Collection

This is a year of great significance for many British Heritage lovers for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason for celebratory cheer thus far is our big , heartfelt, birthday cheer going out to Grenson as they celebrate their 150th anniversary. Widely regarding as one of British Shoemaking’s finest, they have already caused a global stir with this summers earlier release of the Grenson 4 collection & now they have  dropped upon us a whole new collection for AW16 in order to celebrate their 150 years in shoe making. The collection itself, known as the Archive Collection, revisits some of Grenson’s classic models throughout the 20th century, dating back from its ‘Glace Kid’ model, from 1912, to the Grenson “Newton” from 1973.

Now that the archive collection has landed we take a look through the collection that is made as true to the originals, with the expert craftsmanship that we have come to expect from Grenson over the years. This collection has had its challenges, from having to widen some of the models whilst maintaining their design to help keep the essence and wearability  of the shoe,  to developing new lasts for each style to help the design keep maintain its authenticity and original shapes. The finer details of each original model are kept, from the leather and hand-stiched details to the original Grenson Logo for each model.

Shoe No 3. A Reissue of THE Classic Grenson Military Boot

One of eight re-issues to form this unique collection, and the only model we currently have in stock at Stuarts London, Shoe No.3 was originally created for the war effort in 1944. The original model was one of countless Grenson boots made under its government contracts at the time. This fact alone makes it one of the first WWII re-issues from boots contracted to the British Army. With the inside leg featuring GRENSON 1944, these original Toe-cap boots, made from grain leather, would have been worn by  foot soldiers. The re-issue of Shoe No 3 is now available online and in store at Stuarts London in Cognac Leather and Black Leather.

Shoe Number 3


Toe Cap

We feel that the collection itself firmly fits in with its creative director, Tim Little’s, ethos…”Grenson is an old company with a young heart.” These reissues celebrate the best of Grenson past, Grenson Present and most certainly represent Grenson’s future as Northampton’s leading shoemaker for quality craftsmanship and of course, visionary design. We are very excited to see where Grenson will go over the next couple of seasons when they reach the ripe old age of 151!

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