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What’s the first thing your reach for when you wake up on a morning? Chances are it’s not the morning paper, it’s your phone. On the morning commute, are you sat scrolling through your social networks? Whether it’s checking in with the photos from a heavy weekend, getting clued up on the news before you get to work or picking out some new threads for the weekend ahead, the internet is our go to source for everything we need. For men’s fashion, the internet has been a game changer, why bother with the high street when you can find a new outfit and buy it without having to even leave the house? The way we shop is different, the way we want to find clothes is different and now, the big menswear brands are catering to us.

It’s no surprise that more people are turning to the internet for style inspiration than ever before, the impact of the internet on the world of fashion is undeniable, platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have become walking fashion shows, taking away the need to dig deep for the latest emerging trends. It’s an exciting time for style, especially men’s fashion, as more everyday style influencers are courted by big brands to show off their latest collections.

The idea of having access to the fashion world at your fingertips is one that has changed how many people shop. We’re not sat waiting for the latest issue of GQ, we’re simply scrolling through our phones to find an outfit to wear that weekend. We’ve dived into the world of modern style inspiration to find out who you need to be following and where you should be style hunting.

Although it’s hard to pinpoint the moment where style bloggers exploded onto the scene, a 2016 Guardian article, ‘Menswear Influencers’, stated that until 2013 “menswear Instagram accounts were hobbyist affairs, maintained, like small blogs, on evenings and weekends, with an enthusiast’s passion”

Once brands recognised the potential of these self made platforms, menswear bloggers moved from just showcasing looks on websites, to big business. In 2016 the men’s style space is getting crowded, with established bloggers competing with new faces to ensure they’re seen as key influencers for brands.

The ‘Not So’ Average Joe

Major fashion labels and high street brands recognise the appeal of ‘real style’ and giving their customers the ability to view items on actual people, rather than solely sticking to celebrity endorsements and models. This doesn’t mean that your average men’s fashion blogger is an ‘average Joe’, the most popular bloggers know that in order to achieve the best brand connections, they must epitomise the target audience. The bloggers with the most followers are skilled in posing, photography and knowing how to sell not just a piece of clothing, but a snapshot of a lifestyle that seems almost accessible to the everyday viewer.

Who to watch?

If you’re looking to inject more style into your morning commute, we’ve picked out 5 menswear Instagram accounts that you should be following. From effortless street style to sharp tailoring, these lads have it in the bag.


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So I uploaded a new video today, go have a watch! (Link in the bio!)

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The Gentlemen’s Club. #StuurmanStyleDiary #MaXhosa

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So honored to be included in the @vanityfair #marchissue shot by @inezandvinoodh styled by @jdiehlpoynter words by @derekblasberg hair by @hairbychristiaan #disruptiveinfluences

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Hashtags you need to be following.


It’s a no brainer that the internet will continue to rise to the top as our source of fashion inspiration, with more brands taking advantage of the perks of a full social media presence, you’re going to be hard pushed to find a reason to actually hit the shops. These male fashion bloggers are offering an important commentary on what is actually on trend, they’re not wearing extravagant ‘straight off the runway’ creations that would have you laughed out of the pub, they’re wearing brands you like, in places that you can go. Whether you’re looking for straight out the box sneaker looks, fresh tailoring or even grooming tips, the male fashion bloggers have you covered.

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