The Much Anticipated Grenson 4 Is Coming!

The Boot to get your hands upon this season is coming! On July the 15th, Grenson will launch their latest collaboration alongside three designers, Tim Little from Grenson themselves, Shinsuke Takizawa from Neighbourhood and  Kazuki Kuaraishi from The Fourness. Together the collaboration, abruptly named “The Grenson 4” (three designers +Grenson) have designed a collection celebrating the best of traditional British shoemaking and of course Japenese Style, creating what can only be described as a shoe of beauty to many of us.

The Grenson 4- Quatre

The Grenson 4 Quatre is a toecap Derby work boot, in cognac grained leather, chocolate suede and contrasting brown elastic panel and loop and red rubber heel tip. The ‘ logo is embossed on the back strip. The soles are leather with a natural triple welt. ‘Quatre’ is a simple plain 5 eyelet Gibson, in black calf leather, with olive green elastic sides. The sole is leather on a natural triple welt with an olive green rubber heel tip. Of all of the Grenson 4 collection this boot in particular is a stand out peice here at Stuarts London, for us British Heritage lovers and fashionistas.

Grenson 4
The Grenson 4-Vier

Grenson Vier is a cropped monkey boot with signature ladder lace, in beige nubuck, with royal blue elastic panel and heel tip and loop. The sole is leather with a natural triple welt. The design itself offers a unique insight into traditional English Boot Making and Japanese design which we are sure will go down well amongst Grenson lovers and of course style lovers worldwide

The Grenson 4- Fyra

‘Fry’ is 10-eyelet derby boot, with a vamp, counter and back strip in black matt leather, the legs are in mahogany hi shine – they have added an elastic panel to the inside and outside leg in beige. The boot has the 4 logo stamped on the back strip, and matching beige back loop and rubber heel piece. The soles are leather with a natural triple welt. This boot takes traditional English shoemaking back to a design which is reminiscent of MOD Culture.  Its features, design and quality manufacturing alone makes us water in the mouth at the sheer sight of British shoemaking at its finest.

Grenson 4

Make sure you keep your eye out for this very special launch date, and keep you eyes on the prize as demand for these very special collaborations have already been sky high!

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