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Jeffery West at Stuarts London

British Shoemaking has long been the forefront of Men’s Apparel with household brands such as Grenson, Loake and Oliver Sweeny prominent on men’s feet across the globe. Perhaps the most known brand in British Men’s Shoe Making hails from Northampton, the UK’s historical hub of men’s shoemaking, Jeffery West.  Jeffery West has been a staple of the Stuarts London footwear collection for a number of seasons now due to its looks, durability and individuality for men of any denomination. I, therefore, thought it would be a good idea to venture into Jeffery West the shoemaker a little bit deeper to see what makes this particular brand such a favourite at Stuarts London.

Let’s Start with Jeffery West’s History

The idea first stemmed in 1987 the brand got its name from its founders and childhood friends, Mark Jeffery and Guy West. Like every story worth telling the brand started off with plenty of hard work and dedication firstly buying the best ends from the local Northampton factories, including from Mark Jeffery’s own fathers, customising the shoes and selling them at a variety of local markets.  It wasn’t until they approached a local bank manager for a loan that the business really took off with an original collection of 12 designs that set them out from other local competitors the brand entailed Northampton’s shoemaking history to a tee whilst offering a slightly more edgy design in comparison to the traditional Oxford or Classic Brogue shoes manufactured in the regions factories at the time.

Jeffery West Brown Woven Shoes

So What Makes Jeffery West So Special?

From the outset, their intention was that Jeffery West shoes would be imbued with all the craftsmanship, quality, and pedigree available in having shoes manufactured by Northampton factories with hundreds of years of experience. Their designs saw welt cutting edge styles, sophistication, flamboyance, and innovative new lasts. They utilised an array of leathers and colours, something which still stands to this day. This outset from has made Jeffery West shoes perfect for all occasions from a day at the races to a day grafting at work or in the office. This uniqueness has made them a staple for gentlemen such as me or you for generations, by allowing us to keep our unique style.

These Are the Jeffery West Pieces That We Crave…

I would be lying if I said to you with a 100% guarantee that you would love every single Jeffery West item in stock. But that is the beauty of Jeffery West. You may rate the Jeffery West collection but there will be one or two designs that you simply must buy every season. And the beauty of this is Jeffery Wests uniqueness, making the same style hard to replicate when looking at other British Shoe this season. I myself love the Crall Bonham Honey Suede Shoes, whilst my college who has a more traditional approach to business fell for the Jeffery West Get Back Harrison Polished Leather Shoes at first sight.

You check out the full Stuarts London Jeffery West Collection Here and see which style suits your personality the most. Alternatively our three bestselling Jeffery West Shoes are available to see below!

Jeffery West Masuka Boot Jeffery West Kenda Shoe

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