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Summer has truly kicked in early this year, with the blossom barley dropping off the trees before temperatures have reached 27 degrees. Let’s hope that this is not the dizzy heights of the temperature gage for the next couple of months as we begin to open up our spring/summer wardrobe and put away the roll-necks and thick jumpers to the back of our closet for the next 6 months. Some of your garments may remain in the same place within your wardrobe and that is certainly the case in regards to my pair of canvas shoes by Shoes Like Pottery.

What is the deal with Canvas Shoes?

The reason why my pair of Shoes Like Pottery shoes remained at the forefront of my summer wardrobe this year is the fact that no matter the season canvas shoes offers the perfect blend of smart casualness I so desire. I am regularly spotted in the office in a pair of pumps and likewise I am a fan of wearing them in my life outside of the workplace for all occasions due to the stylish comfort this style of shoes has always been able to offer me. This style also offers my shoe collection a nice alternative option from a trainer which offers likewise comfort such as a pair Nike Huarache or Asics Gel Lyte’s.

So Why Shoes Like Pottery?

I am an advocate of Shoes Like Pottery purely because of the ka-rye processing hallmark of the brand. Ka-rye is the Japanese vulcanizing process where is shoe is fires in a kiln causing the components of the rubber to react returning the rubber to its natural elastic state creating a soft and flexible sole. This process creates the perfect sole for people like me who like to have a natural feel when wearing a casual shoe. The other features I like that makes Shoes Like Pottery stand out from other brands of canvas shoes is the textured fabric used within the canvas part of the shoe which has been hand sewn by the finest Japanese craftsmen to finish the look.

How Do I Introduce Shoes Like Pottery into My Summer 2016 Style?


The great thing about Canvas Shoes is that they go with a lot of Summer styles this season. Try a pair of Vulcanized Off White Canvas Shoes by Shoes Like Pottery shoes with a pair of rolled up Chino’s and a casual T-shirt. You can also accessorize a pair of Selvedge Denim and a Bomber Jacket with a pair of canvas shoes of your choice. If you are after everyday use you can try giving your suit a relaxed feel with a pair of Shoes Like Pottery that either matches your suit colour or your shirt colour.

You can now beef up your summer shoe collection with a pair of Shoes Like Pottery footwear online or in our Shepherds Bush store here at Stuarts London


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