Introducing Barena Venezia


Summer 2016 is fast approaching. The 2015-16 Football Season is almost over with the small matter of the FA Cup left to decide & holiday season is already upon us with some of my colleges already returning from the exotic shores of the algarve and alike. Perhaps the most exotic weekend break destination entailed by one of my colleges was that of the city of Venice famous for its city rivers, cultural heritage & of course its taste for fashion. With one of  our favourite Spring Summer collections stemming from Venezia it surely does seem an appropriate time to look a little bit closer at the brand behind Barena Venezia.

Who Are Barena Venezia & Where Do They Come From?

When I first came across the Barena Venezia brand I asked myself the question… Who are Barena Venezia? As a passionate fan of Italian menswear I knew that the name was Italian, little did I know of the history behind the brand and the inspiration it draws from its native surroundings of Venice. Started in the 60’s in the grand old Venetian city by local  Sandro Zara, the brand was born upon the love of the traditional Italian textile traditions recreating garments to suit a particular section of Italian lifestyles.

What Makes This Brand So Special?

The next question I asked myself about Barena Venezia is… What is making all of my colleges proud for Stuarts London to be a stockist of Barena Venezia? The answer became obvious to me when my boss duly took me to one side and showed me one of the brands latest arrivals, a  knit knit blazer…my face dropped because in an instant I knew what all of the fuss was about. Apart from the garment styling, which is right up my street, the brand itself is built upon the Italian tradition of quality and Barena is no different. With a simple touch of the fabric I could feel their interpretation of high-quality, natural fabrics used within this particular garment, something which was apparent within the rest of the Barena Venazia ranges that we stock here at Stuarts London.

Barena Venezia’s Important Spring Summer 2016 Pieces

Suitable for all occasions now the weather is warming up, Barena Venezia’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection offers wearers a stylish appeal for almost all summer occasions be it from nights out to holidaying. The smart casual look given off with its traditional craftsmanship & natural materials also make the garments appealing to help us men battle against weather of all types that our British Summer Time may bring. The particular must have piece for myself is the Torcelo Bortelo Black Jacket although the whole Barena range can be a handy addition to any wardrobe with many of the garments on offer can be dressed up or down to suit your look. Try mixing a Barena shirt with a pair of Selvedge Jeans and Fracap Sandals and you will understand what I mean.

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If you are looking for the latest in Barena Venezia, then take a look at the collection available at Stuarts London. We offer a range of pieces from this fantastic brand that we know you will love adding to your wardrobe. With a selection of sophisticated day wear available, you will find something for you in our latest array of menswear from Barena Venezia.

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