7 ways to make your fragrance last longer

If you’ve recently splashed out on a new fragrance, chances are you’re looking for ways to make sure it lasts all day. The recent boom in sales of men’s fragrances shows that we all want to find that signature scent, but how long should you expect to be smelling fresh after a spritz? If you find your fragrance fading after just a couple of ours, we’ve got the tips you need to extend your wear and get the most out of your scent.

  • Let’s start right at the beginning, when do you spray on your fragrance – is it after you’ve got dressed? If so, let’s rethink the strategy. The best time to spray on a scent is when your body is hydrated and according to experts, it’s best to spritz after you’ve come out of the shower (wait a few minutes to let your body temperature cool down) for maximum absorption.
  • Working out where to spray is another confusing point. Watch any fragrance advert and you will see the same pulse points being targeted, however these areas will actually drive the scent away, thanks to heat emitted from these areas. Choose areas like the back of your neck, forearms and even the chest to ensure your fragrance lasts longer.
  • If you don’t have time to get a shower, another way to ensure fragrance is being applied to hydrated skin is by applying an unfragranced moisturiser before spraying. Moisturisers are great for trapping scents and will help increase how long the fragrance lasts.

Your eSCENTials.

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  • Did you know that an eau de toilette (EDT) is twice as strong as the average aftershave? In terms of concentration, an EDT will last double the amount of time as an aftershave and is also better value for money.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest men’s fragrances can be expensive, if you’ve just invested in a new one, you will want to get the most out of it. One of the best hacks for this is spraying clothes whilst they are folded up in a drawer, giving your clothes a subtle hint of your favourite scent. If you can track down drawer liners (ask any elderly relative!) these are ideal for soaking in a scent and distributing throughout the drawer.
  • Another top tip to avoid waste is to make use of EVERY last drop. If you come to the end of a bottle and there are still some drops in there, pick up a pot of unscented moisturiser and a shake the remainder of the scent into it. Using this while you save up for a new bottle will keep your smelling fresh, and your skin extra hydrated.
  • Finally, where to store your scents? Most people keep their fragrances in the bathroom with other grooming products, however the moisture and heat that often accumulates in bathrooms can be damaging to the lifespan of a scent. Ensure your scents are kept in a cool, dry place, either in a drawer or on a bedside table away from any heat sources. Alternatively, keep yours in a grooming bag, that way you won’t forget to pack it when you’re heading away for the weekend! Nightmare.

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