Y-3 Adidas – Galactic Fashion

or many of us, the first thing that springs to mind when we hear “spacesuit” is the image of the traditional astronaut, complete with bulky, bulbous white suit and helmet.

However this image may soon be one of the past thanks to Virgin Galactic, the commercial spaceflight venture from Richard Branson, and their recent teaming up with the popular Adidas brand Y-3.

This reputation for stylish yet practical design clearly caught the eye of those at Virgin Galactic, who chose to team up with Y-3 to create unique spacesuits for its future pilots. As expected, Y-3 continue pushing boundaries with this space-apparel range, featuring pieces expertly created with both function and style in mind. Forget any preconceptions of spacesuits – these pieces are sleeker, darker and most definitely more fashionable. The suits are tight fitting and resistant yet lightweight, made from the same high performance fabric as is worn by firefighters, Nomex Meta Aramid. The leather boots contain a heel insert for shock absorption and a practical, enhanced grip, complete of course with the famous Adidas stripes.

The resulting spacesuits and boots, as seen in the video above, are high quality, highly functional and extremely stylish. There are even plans to create limited edition jackets for the first ever passengers of Virgin Galactic. For those of us not taking a trip into space, dare we say we predict a Y-3 Virgin Galactic collection in the pipeline?

For the time being, let’s take a look at the current Y-3 collection, for all the high quality benefits of the Galactic design but in styles suitable for day to day wear.

Recreate your own version of the Galactic design with a stylish t-shirt from the Y-3 collection. With a similar sleek, black style to the spacesuit, this long sleeved shirt is ideal for casual or sportswear.

These high quality black track pants provide optimum comfort and practicality, whether for in the gym or just relaxing at home. Stylish in black and featuring the Y-3 logo above the top pocket, with these pants you could be rocking space-style right here on earth!


Now you’ve had some inspiration, why not take a look at the current Y-3 clothing and footwear collections here at Stuarts London? Going forward it’s certain one thing is clear for Y-3; the only way is up – literally!

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