Dry January – We’re here to get you through the month!


If you’re feeling like you want to hibernate throughout the whole of January, you’re not alone. January is the most popular time for people to embark on a detox, with many opting to take on the Dry January challenge. Whether you are doing it for charity, or just to give your liver a break after the festive season, sticking to your guns can be hard. Here at Stuarts London we want to make sure you get through Dry January and have put together our top tips and incentives for resisting the booze and staying on track.

Did you know? A Dutch study showed that those who drank just a half shot of alcohol ate 20% more food than their sober counterparts. The more you drink, the hungrier you are likely to be, so if you’re looking for a great way to kickstart a healthy 2016, this is it!

Get more shut eye! If you find yourself out for the count the moment your head hits the pillow after a big night out, you may be surprised to know that this sleep isn’t doing you any favours. Drinking before bed hinders the restorative properties of sleep by increasing brain waves.

Did you know? Alcohol can raise the levels of harmful fats and triglycerides in your blood – causing an unhealthy buildup of  plaque in the arteries. By currenting out alcohol, you reduce the cravings for fats and therefore get yourself on the road to a much healthier heart.

Giving up alcohol can lower the risk of liver damage in just 30 days. A University College London  study tested ten people who had given up alcohol for 5 weeks and found that their liver fat levels had dropped between 15-20%!

Quit booze for 30 days and you will also start to see improvements at work. A New Scientist study found that those abstaining from alcohol had an 18% increase in concentration and a 17% boost in performance. Now how about that promotion?

Finally – cutting out the booze for January will cause one build up that you won’t be worried about – in your bank balance. Getting out of the habit of stopping for a post work pint, or spending wages on a weekend binge will leave your finances looking fresh for 2016. Pair this with the weight you could lose simply by stopping for a month, we think it’s time to treat yourself to a brand new Stuarts London wardrobe.

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