Christmas Jumper Style

If the thought of wearing a novelty jumper sends you running to a dark room, fear not – Stuarts are here to help you navigate the festive season in style. Whether you’re being coerced into a Christmas jumper pub crawl, or your workplace is taking part in a charity jumper day, you don’t have to resort to fluffy pom poms and witty Christmas slogans. Here are our picks of the best festive themed jumpers that you can pick up at Stuarts London.

Please Note: We’re not responsible for any incidents including reindeer ears, Santa hats or sneaky mistletoe kisses.

Festive Fairisle
If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to a Christmas knit, fairisle is the perfect choice. The coloured patterns will ensure you don’t look out of place next to the novelty jumpers, plus these knits are stylish enough to be worn all year round if you’re looking for cost layers.


Gloverall Fairisle Navy Wool Jumper  – £130


Barbour Caistown Fairisle Crew Navy Jumper –  £79.95

Colourful Christmas

Another way to avoid wearing a flashing Rudolph jumper is to opt for some festive shades! Green and red can be paired with your usual office attire, just avoid wearing them together as you may be subject to an attack of the novelty elf ears.


Barbour Netherby Crew Neck Green Wool Jumper – £105

Barena Camin Cochi Red Jumper – £180

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