Christmas Party Style – The Colours to be Seen In

Party season is about to move into full swing and if you’re anything like us, you’ve already got a ton of invitations to some seriously swanky events. Sounds great, but there’s one dilemma that the discerning gentleman wanting to look his absolute best must face – how to keep your party season outfit looking fresh and on-trend this year. The answer is simple – by checking up on, and following, the latest and greatest winter 2015 colour trends.


This year, we’ve seen a load of our favourite famous faces owning the red carpet in the latest men’s fashion trend, deconstructed formalwear. While you might have been paying attention to the styles they used to create their show stopping looks, you might not have noticed one of the most important features – the colour. We’ve enjoyed watching men’s fashion on and off the high street fill up with bold overcast greys, earthy greens and tropical blues this season, but as we move into winter and more formal occasions, both colour and style has to move up a gear if you’re going to look your best.


Our on-screen idol, Bond, loves some formalwear, and while the latest men’s fashions are moving away from black tie traditions, donning and tuxedo is still popular. With the release of Spectre, the iconic hollywood image that James Bond represents is having another big moment in men’s fashion, meaning that in winter 2015, plush velvets and smooth silks are stealing first place. Here’s where colour choices become important: in a move away from the classic black and white look, the best menswear designers are choosing colours such as dark blue, rich burgundy and vivid purples in their finest designs.

The best tip we can give you is to keep it simple. If you’re wearing a luxury combo jacket and trousers then let the clothing do all of the work and do the talking. We know it’s easy to rely on an old favourite shirt, but that bright pattern you like wearing on Friday nights has no place in your party look, so put it right to the back of the wardrobe where it belongs and think beyond the shirt to see the outfit as a whole.

Build the outfit up, starting with the trousers and shirt before layering to add a touch of class with a waistcoat and blazer. To be right on trend, your party look should be deconstructed, so choosing individual pieces that work together is the preferred technique this season, winning out over buying a whole, made to match suit. For more styling ideas check out our latest arrivals for Winter 2015.

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