Christmas Party Style – Are you Accessorising?

Big designer names can mean big impact on your look, but that doesn’t mean you have to grab for the biggest and brightest pieces of kit when putting together your outfit for the party season. Subtlety is key when you’re wanting to impress, and choosing high quality, designer accessories is one of the many ways you can add a small and subtle piece of style that effortlessly enhances your overall appearance. Some of the best accessories that this season can offer you are wallets, watches and scarves. Each muted in their own way, but more than capable of adding a little more fashion oomph to your look.

While we think each brand from our exclusively chosen accessories department would make a fantastic addition to many of your outfits, there’s a few fashion legends you should turn to when looking to accessorise your party season look.

Hugo Boss Black: Wallets


You can’t go wrong with a strong wallet. One of the most practical parts of your outfit, a wallet holds all of your hard earned party essentials in one place, but imagine showing up to the party in your fresh new look, making it all the way to the bar and pulling out a ropey old wallet you’ve kept in your back pocket for years. Look ruined. Avoid this style disaster by investing in a wallet worthy of holding your cash. The Hugo Boss Black accessories range has a fantastic selection of luxury wallets that won’t let you down, in a variety of styles so you can easily find the design that suits your needs. Subtle in colour, these wallets blend perfectly with your outfit to create an overall suave effect rather than standing out too far from the crowd.

Timex: Watches


The only thing better than a luxury watch to flash around on your wrist is a versatile watch that is able to adapt to how flashy you need it to be. Timex is the perfect timepiece for the diverse gentleman. With plenty of classic watch faces to choose from, simply pick the face that suits your sense of style and then choose a strap for each occasion. Timex specialise in versatility and catering to every individual taste, so when you’re looking to accessorise for party season make sure you choose from their high end and luxury range of straps. A luxury leather should do nicely when creating that sophisticated look.

Hugo Boss Orange: Scarves

Of course, it’s easy to look good once you’re settled in at the party, but what about when you first arrive? Thought about how you’re going to look good wrapped up for drinks on the balcony? You need to think about how to turn those wintery accessories to your advantage. Our advice for avoiding covering up your outfit is simple. Ditch the duffle coat and keep the chill out with a designer scarf to keep your refined look when arriving at the party or taking a breather outside. Hugo Boss Orange offer a selection of scarves suitable for accessorising for the party season weather so you don’t get caught out without looking your best.

For more ideas on how to enhance your party season look, check out our full range of men’s designer accessories.

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